What are the problems that India is facing?



As the fastest growing economy today, India is home to a fifth of the world’s youth. Half of its population of 1.3 billion is below the age of 25. Indian youth is the most valuable asset and most pressing challenges. The unemployment rate fell to 7% in 2020 from the record high of 29%. After lockdown, it increased slowly and came to 9.1%. The unemployment rate again declined to 6.5% in January 2021.

The major reason for unemployment is the large population and lack of vocational skills or low education level. Lack of employment opportunities is also one of the reasons for unemployment. Overpopulation leads to more competition for the same number of jobs. Even the number of jobs increase as well as the number of youth also increase. Big factories replace their workers with automatic machines. Most youngsters are not aware of enough information for their fieldwork.

Unemployment indirectly impacts poverty and also on economic growth. As competition for jobs will be high, employers may offer less salary because people will be ready to work for less. Perceived negligence can turn people into anti-social elements. It may increase the rate of violence and robberies. Unemployment directly affects mental health and a person faces depression or stress and taking the wrong decision.


Illiteracy is generally caused by poverty and lack of access to schools. It will increase the gap between illiterates and literates in economic status and employment opportunities. Illiteracy is a big reason for money scams.

To decrease illiteracy, the government should open more schools and give midday meal schemes to attend school. Government should also hire experienced teachers and improve the education system.


India has 2.4 percent of the world’s total land area and India supports 14 percent of the total population in India. Uttar Pradesh has 200 million people which is more than Brazil and Nigeria. India will become the world's most populous nation in 2024. So it is a major problem for our nation.

Overpopulation will lead to unemployment and poverty. The supply of food will decrease and the population will increase. It will stress natural resources such as land, water, and food. It will also derive low wages.

So we need to provide awareness of overpopulation. We should need to be aware of people using protection. We can also improve literacy rates, women empowerment, attractive incentives for small families.


Poverty is caused by a lack of education and employment opportunities. Natural disease or natural calamities affect poverty. During the COVID-19 lockdown, many people lose their jobs and many businesses are shut down. Those people were not able to find other jobs because offices reduce the number of staff. It badly impacts their daily life. Somewhere the government also fails to give a job opportunity. Due to the agricultural crisis, many farmers have slipped into poverty. It will impact children's poverty. Parents were not able to give education to their children. So the child started doing labor work.


Pollution is a serious health issue in India. According to a study of almost 30 polluted cities in the world,21 were in India in 2019. Industries and vehicles are major reasons for pollution. The government started a project to clean the river Ganga that’s how industries affect the Ganga river. India has less forest land because of deforestation. Farmers also use pesticides which will pollute the soil.

It will cause health problems and thereby impact the economy. Reducing life expectancy. It will also impact the environment negatively and also causes global warming. Its indirect impact on agricultural land.


Both men and women are equal in opportunity. But somewhere Indian government fails to provide safety to women. India reported 88 rape cases per day in 2020. It is a big number. Around 94% of cases of rape perpetrators are known to the victims. But only a few percent of perpetrators get justice.

In 2019, more than 400000 women who were victims of crimes like kidnapping, rape, abduction, assault by stranger or relatives of which 31,000 were raped. Delhi is a victim of this kind of crime. There is no strong law for women’s safety. This is one of the major problems of India today.

Currently, India is suffering from COVID-19. India has the largest number of confirmed cases in Asia. But Indian government does its best to control this pandemic. The government made many recovery centers and also started vaccination. 11,44,93,238 people got their first dose of the vaccine successfully.


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