Book Summary of The Power Of Subconscious Mind

This book is written by Joseph Murphy. The author says in this book that if we pray properly, it will work for us. But the prayer of most people does not work because they are unable to focus on an idea with their heart and mind and do not follow the correct prayer technique. Our prayers work according to our faith. Our prayers answer our mental picture and thoughts. Our wish is our prayer. If we know our subconscious mind then magic will happen in our life. There is a lot of power in the subconscious mind that we would never have imagined. Have you ever wondered why some people succeed and some fail? Why are some people very rich and some people are very poor? If you have this type of question in your mind then this article is especially for you.

Let us begin to understand our subconscious mind power in detail.

1) The Treasure House Within You

Most successful people in the world always say that always listen to the voice of your mind because that will show you the way to succeed. But most people do not know what the voice of the mind is? And how is it heard? Here the voice of the mind means our subconscious mind.

Our subconscious mind is called the storehouse of powers. If we understand our subconscious mind then nothing can stop us from being successful. But to listen to the voice of the subconscious mind, we have to be his friend. And to become friends of the subconscious mind, we must first calm our mind. If you do not know how to calm your mind, then you can read this post of ours.

Our brain is divided into 2 parts. First conscious mind and second subconscious mind. The conscious mind manages our logical thinking and action. While the subconscious mind manages our functions like breathing, blood circulation, and heartbeat. Our conscious mind uses only 10% of our brainpower. Whereas our subconscious mind uses 100% of our brainpower. People who always top the exam and people who are very successful in life, they always use both their subconscious and conscious mind. While some people always fail even after working hard because they always use their conscious mind. Our subconscious mind always works based on our thoughts, that's why we should keep our thoughts positive.

2) How does your brain work

Our conscious mind takes information from our 5 senses and then makes a decision. Whereas our subconscious mind decides based on our experience, recognition, and habit. Our subconscious mind is very sensitive. You can understand these concepts in such a way that our conscious mind is a very big ship, then our subconscious mind is the captain who handles the ship. Our conscious mind filters all the wrong information with logic, then that information goes into our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind never questions because it has the answers to all the questions. A neural pattern of what we think about ourselves is stored in our subconscious mind.

You know that we can program our subconscious mind by ourselves. Now you may be wondering, is it possible? Yes, we can design the character as we want in a mobile game, in the same way, we can design the neural pattern in our subconscious mind as we want. When our subconscious and conscious mind begin to have a good interaction between them, then we start using 100% of our brain. When we learn to use both subconscious or conscious minds together, we can get what we want. If you understand it simply, then there are 2 kinds of world in our life. One is called the inner world and the other is called the outer world. Inner world means the thoughts going on in our minds and the battles going on between them. The outer world means our friends, family, and environment. Those who understand both the inner world and the outer world can control it and those people can succeed in life. This is the formula to program your subconscious.

3) The miracle-working power of your subconscious

We all work from morning to evening, that's why we sleep at night. But have you ever wondered if our subconscious mind sleeps? Our subconscious mind never sleeps, it works for us 24 * 7. Our subconscious mind has so much power that it can end all our suffering and pain right now. Let us understand this from an example, we must have heard about hypnotizing someone and those who are experts in this work can easily hypnotize anyone. Let us understand the power of the subconscious mind with an example. There was one person who had more than 14 bones broken in a car accident and even doctors told him that he would never be able to walk and that he would only live for a few months. But with confidence, the person told the doctor that he would be cured before Christmas. Every day he starts imagining that he is celebrating Christmas with his friends. That person keeps imagining it continuously for 8 months. For this reason, a positive neuron pattern is formed in his subconscious mind, which causes him to recover before Christmas. A man whom doctors told him that he will never be able to walk now and he will be alive only for a few months, yet he will be completely fine only because of his subconscious mind, now you must have realized how powerful our subconscious mind is. From this story, we can learn how we can use the unlimited power of our subconscious mind by focusing on one of our thoughts.

We all know that every powerful thing has some weakness. If we know it, we can use it as we want. In the same way, our subconscious mind also has a weakness. If we send our message to our subconscious mind before going to sleep at night and after waking up in the morning, then our subconscious mind starts working on it quickly. Now you might be thinking that this happens a little bit? So let's know. Our subconscious mind is 95% active 5 minutes before bedtime and 5 minutes immediately after waking up. So whatever we think goes directly into our subconscious mind.

4) Mental therapy in ancient times

In the old days, people used mental healing techniques to recover very quickly. He used the 3 phase formula to perform metal therapy. That sutra is to ask, believe and receive. This means that you have asked for what you wanted, and then believe what you have received, so imagine that we have found it. And in the coming time, you will have those things. Now you will think that it is very easy to do this. But this will not happen until we take our thoughts to our subconscious mind. And it is not a one-night thing to do, it takes time to create a pattern of new neurons in our subconscious mind. That is why until we get that thing, we have to imagine that we have found it. 

5) Mental therapy in modern times

A woman lived in Los Angeles and had cancer. But she didn't want to die so soon. So she started praying that my mother's blessing is with me. My mother is with me and as long as my mother is with me I can never fall ill. The woman knew that if she would change her mind, her health would also start recovering by itself. And this is exactly what happened, after a few months, the woman recovered completely and recovered as if she had no illness. If we consider our mother as God, then our mother becomes God for our subconscious mind. Have you ever heard of Aura Cleansing? Aura cleansing is a process in which all our negative emotions are removed from our minds with the help of prayer and acupressure. Nowadays, people use aura cleansing techniques to forget their pain and negative feelings. 

6) Practical techniques in mental medicine

When we keep saying something in our mind again and again like I am very good at studies and I am very successful in life. So our conscious mind takes that subconscious mind and our whole body starts working in the same way. We have to use visualization techniques to send any thoughts to our subconscious mind. But to have a good attitude we have to calm our mind. Then we have to close our eyes and see our goal in imagination. You must have heard the name of Nikola Tesla. He used to visualize it in his mind before making any new invention. In the same way, we also have to have a clear vision of our goals in our minds. 

7) The Tendency Of the subconscious is Lifeward

The life we ​​are living is only 10% and we do not know about the remaining 90% of our lives. We all know that there are 2 types of world in our life. One internal world and the other external world. And most people live only in the inner world. Either he lives in the outside world. He who is always in the inner world only realizes his feelings and becomes completely isolated from the external world. And those who always live in the outside world, only live in ego because they are completely broken from the inside. And people like this always say that my life is bad. And others manage to live both the inner and outer worlds. And we call these people successful people.

8) How to get the results you want 

The author states that we must use our imaginations, not our willpower, to achieve our goal, so we have to imagine our goal, which we want to reach. If you doubt my point, try this technique yourself once, just keep in mind that the imagination you are doing will have to be done daily. It is written in the Bible that people who are born on this earth. If those people learn to use both their subconscious mind and conscious mind well then everything is possible for them in this world.

9) Your subconscious mind as a partner in success

We get up every day with enthusiasm and we thank them for the things that we have. We have 2 eyes, 2 legs, so think how lucky you are. Because some people do not have that luck. If we make our subconscious mind our partner then we can live our life independently. In this book, the author gave 3 steps that can make us successful.

1) We should always do what we like to do. As long as we do not do any work with our whole mind, we will not be able to succeed in it. You see any successful person, he always loves his work.

2) You have to specialize in one area and that area should be such that you can meet the needs of the people. Until you become the master of a field, you will not be able to achieve anything special in life.

3) This step is most important. We always have to remember that we can never succeed by being selfish. If we want to succeed, we have to consider the success of all.

10) your subconscious & the wonders of sleep

We sleep for 6 hours daily. When we sleep, our physical body relaxes, but still, the subconscious mind works overnight. At night our subconscious mind can cure any disease very quickly. Because at that time our conscious mind is not able to stop our subconscious mind from working. From morning till night, our conscious mind is engaged in daily activities. And according to a survey, it has been said that we think about 60000 different ideas in one day. And this produces a lot of our emotions. We should remember that our Habitual Thinking is making our future. And that's why we should only listen to positive things, read positive books.

11)  your subconscious mind and marital problems

With the help of a subconscious mind, we can also attract our perfect life partner. If we marry the wrong person, it will be the biggest mistake for us. Do you also want love in your life? Do you want your life partner to understand all your problems and solve them together? In modern times, breakups and patch-ups have become such that we wear clothes every day and take them off. You must first clear in your mind what kind of partner you want and what quality it should be, only then you will be able to attract your dream partner. 

12)  your subconscious mind and your happiness

We can be very happy in our life with the help of a subconscious mind. I have already told you about the inner and outer world. When all our attention is on the thoughts going on in our mind, then we will feel the things going on in our mind. For example, you are thinking that your face is not good and you will keep thinking about it again and again. Then your life will start getting very bad. And when you focus on the good things, your life will start getting better.

13) your subconscious mind and harmonious human relations

Our subconscious mind is very sensitive. So negative things bring bitterness in our relationship. With the help of a subconscious mind, we can make our relationship very good. If you want people to treat you very well, then you also have to treat them well. Unless you can love, then you will live like a sick and dead person. Love means understanding each other's words well and believing in each other and giving respect. The more you give love to others, the more you will get late. The law of karma also tells us this.

14) How to use your subconscious mind for forgiveness

We need to learn to forgive people. If you want to live your life in peace, then you have to learn to forgive those who hate you. Because when you forgive someone, your negative emotion attracts positive emotion and you feel at peace. For any sick person, forgiving people works like medicine. Now the question in your mind is, who should be forgiven? First of all, we need to learn to forgive ourselves because we always create a negative image of ourselves in our minds. To forgive ourselves, we first, calm our mind and then say that we forgive everyone with a calm mind and a good heart. You will feel good soon after doing this.

Thanks, hope you liked this article. Hopefully, you would have got more information about your subconscious mind and you would have also understood that you have to change your life by controlling your subconscious mind.

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